Private Sessions

Based in New York City’s Upper West Side, Scott maintains a vibrant private practice, offering sessions in his studio as well as making home visits. Since the pandemic, Scott has developed skills to work with clients privately through virtual sessions. In private hands-on sessions, the lesson is custom-tailored to your specific needs and communicated with a gentle, non-invasive touch. While lying on a comfortable table, you are guided with a precise, delicate touch through movement sequences that will reduce your pain and enhance your sense of mobility and comfort. While many people begin coming to Scott seeking relief from chronic pain, they often continue after their issues have resolved as they find that through continually refining their organization, their quality of life continues to improve significantly. In each private session, you will find alternatives to your everyday movements and actions that are more efficient and pleasurable for you. People often begin with a series of private sessions, and then combine their private sessions with my group classes to maximize their benefit.

For more information and to schedule a session please call Scott at 917-859-9636 or Send a Message