The Feldenkrais Method of Movement Education

Few of us are aware of how we move and much of what we do is unconscious which can leave us at a loss for how to approach improving how we move and are in the world. Feldenkrais is a sophisticated and innovative method of movement education based on the innate capacity of the human nervous system to learn new patterns of moving, thinking and feeling. Using sensory information to access our ability to change through the neuroplasticity of our nervous system we can improve how we are in the world.

The method is taught in two forms – in a group setting (Awareness Through Movement classes) and in private hands-on sessions. In both settings, you are guided either verbally or with a gentle touch through unique movement sequences designed to produce more efficient patterns of organization leading to greater self-awareness and you learn to use your own senses to self-regulate your posture and movement.

Whether at work, at home or at play, your habits of movement can limit your ability to move easily, gracefully, and comfortably. All of us have habitual patterns of organizing ourselves in movement, and these patterns are learned by us often at a very early age. We tend to be limited to our habitual ways of moving, partly because we are not aware that within our structure we have other options. and to develop new patterns of organization. The Feldenkrais Method is a remarkably modern and innovative process for transforming the quality of your life.

The method utilizes movement and sensory discrimination to open your awareness and refine how you are in the world. It is extremely efficient and effective in helping you learn to tune into your own experience, inhibit historic patterns of behavior and refine how you move and feel.

If you suffer from chronic pain, work-related stress or are recovering from injury, with the Feldenkrais Method you can:

  • Regain your lost mobility and learn to stay flexible.
  • Alleviate your chronic joint and repetitive stress pain.
  • Recover from injury and avoid reinjury.
  • Improve your balance, posture & coordination so that you move better with less effort and more ease.
  • Improve your artistic and athletic performance through improved body mechanics.

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