Tuesdays 9 – 10 am Eastern Time
Wednesdays 11:30 – 12:30 pm Eastern Time
Thursdays 12:30 – 1:30 pm Eastern Time

To join a class call Scott at 917-859-9636 or Send Us a Message

During these innovative classes, Scott will verbally guide you through dynamic and carefully structured movement sequences designed to improve your flexibility, fluidity of movement and coordination. As you cultivate your awareness you will learn to abandon habitual patterns which may interfere with easy and efficient movement, while creating new alternatives so that you develop graceful, powerful movement with minimal effort that you apply in your daily life.

These floor classes are taught in various positions – on your back, side and front as well as in sitting. At the beginning of each class, you are led through a five-minute process of “tuning in” to your felt sense of your body. This relaxes and relieves stress, deepens breathing, and cultivates a receptivity for learning. 


Then, by simply following the verbal step-by-step instructions you explore a sequence of gentle, easy movements, and gradually gain greater awareness and control of your self-use. You learn where you overwork and what parts of yourself you can bring more fully to an action so that you move freely with less stress in your musculoskeletal system.  You learn to mobilize your skeleton safely and painlessly, in smooth coordination with your whole self to learn to use your own senses to discover what patterns and movements work best for yourself.


Scott has developed many workshops directed to various groups. Some topics covered:
  • Lower Back Freedom
  • Personal Ergonomics at your Workstation
  • Healthy Shoulders and Hips
  • Improving Balance for People with PD
  • Walking the Walk: Strategies for Improving Your Walking Gate
Scott will be producing remote workshops on Zoom in the coming months.